Why we teach


We know that hope for the future is a primary predictor of success, but schools offer few practical tools to help students make sense of change or to explore their role in shaping the future. By teaching the future, you can engage students and motivate them to learn, equip students to face uncertainty and challenge, empower them to envision a preferred future, and develop agency to bring it about.

Teach the Future is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing foresight and futures thinking to schools and students around the world. By teaching the future we equip teachers and youngsters to face uncertainty and empower them to envision and create their preferred future. We spread and activate our mission inside as well as outside the class room and in collaboration with organisations and advocators worldwide.

Our goals

Our story

Teaching the future is crucial for a multitude of reasons and touches upon global challenges, such as a changing workplace, emerging climate changes, upcoming technologies and so on.

Investing in futures education will help teachers to prepare their students for changes and deal with uncertainties. Teaching the future can be integrated into any type of subject, from mathematics to language classes, and from biology to drawing classes.

Become the entrepreneur of their own future

They will understand the contribution they can make in creating the future. This will make them aware that they change […]

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Deal with the exponential speed of change

The world is in flux and transforming at high speed, driven by all kinds of forces such as technology, climate […]

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Understand the impact of their present choices for the future

Although the future is uncertain, teaching the future enables students to think on a more long-term scale and explore their […]

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Gain 21 century skills

Futures thinking includes many of the 21stskills, such as critical thinking, systems thinking, creativity, solution-based collaboration, empathy and so on. […]

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‘The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.’

Abraham Lincoln


since 2014

We have empowered 25.000 students

Via workshops by educators from the Teach the Future community we have been able to reach out to 25.000 students […]

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We have inspired 500 teachers

Via keynotes, workshops and our library with teaching materials, we have inspired teachers all over the globe why it is […]

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We have collaborated with 25 schools

Via collaborations with schools and academies we have created teaching modules and workshops together. For example, we have a collaboration […]

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We are active in 22 countries across the globe!

Since 2014 Teach the Future has grown in a worldwide community, with local hubs and advocators in the Netherlands, Finland, […]

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