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We are

Teach the Future is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing foresight and futures thinking to schools and students around the world. Founded by Peter Bishop in 2013 after Peter retired from leading the University of Houston Master’s in Foresight program for 30 years. Since 2014 Teach the Future has grown into a community of educators and advocators dedicated to empower teachers and youngsters around the globe.

Local hubs

Our leadership team consists of professional educators and thought leaders in the futures community. In all 16 country hubs we have key advocators and coordinators who are moving these hubs forward. Meet our team and reach out to anyone of them. Happy to help you!

Our team

Peter Bishop

“We teach the future as well as the past in every school in the world.” Peter is the Founder and Executive Director of Teach the Future. He led the University of Houston’s Masters degree in Foresight for 30 years. Nowadays he is dedicated to bringing Futures Thinking to every classroom around the world.

Erica Bol

“Futures thinking creates sustainable futures.” Erica is a changemaker with a passion for sustainable innovation. She works with teachers to innovate the education system in The Netherlands. As she is the backbone of the global community and behind a lot of the new initiatives, reach out to her with ideas!

Els Dragt

“Let’s create the future together!”
Els is an independent trend researcher and on top of all our futures communication. Want to have your activity in the spotlight? Have a recommendation for our bookmarks list? Share them with Els!

Zina Burgers

“We need to prepare young student for the ever-changing world”. Give them a sense of agency and the tools to tackle complex ecological and societal challenges, by teaching the future. Zina works in The Netherlands with the goal of fundamentally changing the educational system. 

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Futures thinking is important to integrate into our curriculum because our society changes faster and faster and our education system is lagging behind.

Marcel Staring, educational developer at Windesheim Teachers College

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More partners in crime


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Brabant Kennis is our partner at the KinderTrendrede project. They are an organisation that, in a creative way, explores the future of the province Noord Brabant (NL) . They feel that education youth about not only their future but also that of their environment is of utmost importance to create the Brabant we want. 

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Unesco is our partner in our Future Education – Pilot NL project. They believe that when children go to school to prepare for the future, they should also, next to the past and the present learn about the future. 

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Our hubs

This maps shows the locations of Teach the Future hubs. In these spots educators are bringing futures thinking into their classrooms. Is your city, region or country not represented on this map yet and do you want to bring futures thinking into your classrooms? Reach out to us, happy to help you get started in creating your own Teach the Future hub.