Teach the Future Mexico delivers certificates

Date:Feb 22

On  February 22nd 2019, the Certificates Delivery of the Introductory Training Course for Teaching the Future was held publicly at the the videoconference room Isabel and Ricardo Pozas of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences  (FCPyS) UNAM.


The professionals who successfully completed this course, expanded their anticipatory skills and capacities to promote the teaching and learning of prospective methodologies among the new generations. It will help to orientate the production of knowledge, the rigorous analysis and the creation of more theoretical-methodological schemes and more to increase the discussion, debate, exchange and reflection on the social, political, economic and cultural dynamics, among others that distinguish the 21st century.


You can watch a summary of the ceremony in the short video below.


A brief presentation was given, about what TTFMX is: an elevator pitch, the TTFMX mission, vision, values, objectives, target and services in general and some info about the team. Alethia Berenice Montero Baena, Director of Teach the Future México, emphasised at the event the importance of learning and teaching the construction of the future, not only as a professional tool, but also as a personal one.

All these observations were retaken by Fernanda Bavllé Ebert, Associate Director Tantum Strategy & Results, key advisor and promoter of TTFMX, who was very animated because this certification was the result of an intense work in which different specialists have built, elaborated and driven a diversity of reflective themes.

There was also an audience activity. Three volunteers stood up to read a card which held their personal answers about the future. They shared these with everybody, which sparked very interesting reflections.  The certificates were delivered by the members of the Presidium: Alethia Montero, Dr. Guillermina Baena Paz, Co-director of TTFMX and Fernanda Bavllé. There were four Certificate categories: Completion, Outstanding Achievement, Appreciation (for teachers) and one recognizing the Director.

Finally, from California, United States, Dr. Peter Bishop as founder and CEO of Teach the Future, through a streaming connection, congratulated those who achieved this certification and devoted a good part of their participation to comment with the students on prospective outreach, planning and strategy to achieve clear goals in the future and help make better decisions from well-informed diagnoses.

// Post written by Alethia Montero, David Mendoza and Edgar Flores.

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