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Teach the Future has hubs world wide. In this post we put our South African hub in the spotlight. The ‘TTF SA’ hub is led by Janine Nel & Zanne Horrell, both ladies with extensive professional experience. Next to their daily work they are both studying Futures Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. You can check out their profiles below.

The Teach the Future South Africa hub leaders

Futures Studies in South Africa

Not everyone is resilient in times of change or uncertain social, political and economic conditions such as those prevailing in South Africa. These circumstances can cause people to lose hope, become fatalistic and surrender control of their future to fate. This level of despondency and apathy is particularly prevalent among South Africa’s growing youth population.

The Master’s degree in Futures Studies, offered by the University of Stellenbosch Business School, is the only programme of its kind presented in Africa, and one of only a few in the world. It equips candidates with high-level competencies to react meaningfully to growing complexity in the organisational environment while taking into account the unique developmental challenges facing Africa and South Africa.


The future does not have to be terrifying. It can be exciting. With the right attitude and tools examining the future can allow those who are open to it, the opportunity to let their minds wander, and to imagine unconventional and engaging prospects and events. Although having the time and opportunity to think about the future is a privilege, it is something that every South African youth should be afforded, regardless of circumstance.

The team of Teach the Future South Africa has already accomplished a lot in a short time. Here’s a sample of their activities and achievements:

Memorandum of Understanding with Institute for Futures Research (IFR)

Teach the Future South Africa recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Institute for Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. According to this agreement, Teach the Future SA will be the Social Impact Partner for IFR and will be conducting Futures (Foresight) workshops in schools in South African and the southern African region.

In return, the IFR will market Teach the Future South Africa to their clients. It is wonderful to have this support and recognition for work being done in South Africa!

from left to right: DR NJERI MWAGIRU – Senior Futurist: Africa, HEILET BERTRAND – Sales and Content Marketing Manager, Janine Nel – Teach the Future SA

Africa Day Video

25 May is Africa Day and a week we in South Africa celebrate Africa. IFR asked Janine Nel of Teach the Future SA to share her views on being African and the possible futures for youth in Africa. Check out the video to hear what Janine has to say!

Icy Cape Town weather cannot prevent us from talking Futures!

We gathered with 32 young religious leaders and a few mentors for a futures workshop on a Friday in June. And as in life, we plan and then something else happens…. a power transformer in the Paarl area blew the night before, so we gathered in the cold and wet in Wemmershoek to discuss the future(s).

We talked about AI, about opportunities in our communities and about creating the futures we desire.  The youngsters were keen, full of ideas and in no time were able to envision education of the future, autonomous cars and ‘human only’ jobs. One attendee even said that some of the methodologies enabled her to compile a plan to deal with a family medical crisis. It was heartwarming to hear.

As ever, we were humbled by the impact futures thinking had on the group and left to start a (cold) weekend with a warm heart.

Want to know more or join TTF SA?

Stay updated on the work of TTF SA via their hub website. If you are living in South Africa and want to join this hub, please email Janine or Zanne, (you can click on their names to got to their email.)

Thank you Janine and Zanne for all your energy and work to teach the future!