Next Generation

Exploring survival skills for education

The meet-up for teachers at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda has an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere, despite the late hour. Teachers from different schools have come together to participate in the Next Generation Survival Kit. They all want to change something in education. Together they will explore the future of education and their own role in it.

They start by making a number of choices between different developments. Each group deals with this differently. In one group, they carefully weigh up each choice and stall the decision moment as long as possible. “I think it’s both important, can’t they both be involved in the future?” Unfortunately, the choice has to be made, even though it’s not always easy and even if you don’t always agree with each other. They have heated discussions, but in the end consensus is reached.

In the other group they make the decision faster. They continue to discuss the latest technological and educational developments and how they could affect their lives. Is that what they want? Isn’t it better the way it is now? No, they want progress and change. “It’s handy when your fridge can order groceries for you!” But there is also fear of big changes. “I already find it difficult how my phone works sometimes”.  They notice that it is quite difficult to think a few steps further than what  already exists. But slowly they get a taste for it and they get more and more enjoyment in exploring the unknown.

In the end, both groups are working on a future scenario. They describe the skills that are needed to ‘survive’ in that future and that they think are important to start teaching today. It is interesting to see that despite the different approaches, the groups still describe largely the same ‘survival’ skills such as curiosity, creativity and flexibility. The future is uncertain, but these skills ensure that young people can always adapt to our rapidly changing world, where knowledge alone is no longer sufficient. After the session, many teachers hang around to talk. Inspiration and contact details are exchanged.

“Very inspiring! It’s nice to get together and experience what other people think about the future.”

“I go home with a lot of energy to apply future thinking in the classroom tomorrow.”

Next Generation Survival Kit Workshop

What if the robots take over classes? What if everyone has a personal learning path? What if school buildings no longer exist? Or what if they do? We don’t know what the future will look like. But we can learn and teach how to deal with it and how to shape it.

Are you looking for an activity for a meet-up with teachers? The Next Generation Survival kit allows teachers to explore the future of education together in a fun and inspiring way. Together, teachers make choices between uncertainties in the future, visualize visions of the future and examine what skills young people need in order to survive in the future. With the Survival kit, teachers learn to deal with uncertainty and actively look ahead, making it easier to shape the future of education. And it motivates them and gives them the agency to get started with futures thinking. At the end of the meet-up session, teachers will be given the materials they need to apply it themselves or with their colleagues in their lessons.



Teachers experience how futures thinking works and are encouraged to apply it in their own classroom.


Teachers will:

  • Become more comfortable with the uncertainty of the future of themselves and of education.
  • Investigate what and how they want to teach for future-proof education.
  • Learn about different futures techniques and tools.
  • Get the agency to implement futures thinking in their own classroom/school in a simple way.


Approx. 2 hours (to be agreed on in advance)

Number of participants

Min 10 – max 40

Experiences participants:

“Great! I go home with a lot of energy to apply futures thinking in the classroom tomorrow.”

“Very inspiring! I had never thought about the future of education in such an out-of-the-box way before.

“Very nice to get practical examples on how I can easily implement futures thinking in my lessons.”


€ 750

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