KinderTrendrede 2020

Last year the KinderTrendrede was adapted as an official document for the city council to act on. Depla, the mayor of Breda (NL) and his team agreed.

Want to know more on how the children of Breda, Eindhoven and Hilvarenbeek see their future? They will present their ideas 15 & 21 April. More info check out

KinderTrendrede 2019

16 April 2019 – Are you ready for the next KinderTrendrede! Want to know how our kids see the future? Join us April 16th, Nieuwe Veste, Breda (NL). Please register for free via Eventbrite


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Goed nieuws, er komt een tweede KinderTrendrede aan!  Wanneer? 16 april!

Vorig jaar maart was de eerste editie. De zaal zat propvol toen scholieren tussen de 9 en 13 jaar plechtig vanaf een troon vertelden hoe zij de wereld in de toekomst zien en tien supertoffe adviezen gaven aan hun stad. Wat dacht je van deze, die op nummer 9 stond:

“Deel prijzen uit aan Bredanaars die iets goeds hebben gedaan” 

De wethouder had goed geluisterd, want eind vorig jaar deelde Gemeente Breda kinderlintjes uit aan drie kinderen voor hun inzet voor de stad.

Dit jaar staat de nieuwe groep kinderen te popelen om te vertellen hoe zij de toekomst zien. Ben je ook nieuwsgierig, meld je aan via Eventbrite voor 11 april. Ben er snel bij want vol is vol.

Voor meer informatie over de KinderTrendrede check out


KinderTrendrede 2018

13 March 2018 – Together with Extend Limits and Pakhuis Breda we organized the KinderTrendrede. Schools from the region Breda participated in a 6-week futures lesson program and bundled their ideas in the KinderTrendrede which they presented to the mayor of the city Breda, the Netherlands.

In dutch

De KinderTrendrede is een voordracht en document door kinderen waarin ze aangeven hoe zij graag de toekomst zouden willen zien.

Door jongeren over de toekomst te laten ‘voordenken’ zijn ze beter voorbereid op de toekomst en voelen ze zich gesterkt hier zelf vorm aan te geven.

De toekomst is cool en spannend mensen. Doe niet alsof hij niet bestaat. Wij zijn benieuwd hoe de toekomst eruit ziet. Wij kunnen erover nadenken, maar wij weten nooit precies wat er gaat gebeuren. Denken aan de toekomst dan hebben wij een leuk gevoel, want er komen allemaal nieuwe dingen die we kunnen uitproberen. Laten we dus niet denken in diengen die niet kunnen, maar loslaten wat er nu is en de toekomst in stappen. Gaan jullie allemaal mee? het is een reis vol verrassingen en eperimenten.

Wil je ook meedoen? Dat kan! 

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Let kids guide you into the future

“Adults should listen to us, because we will be living in the future longer than them.”

This is one of the statements made by elementary school pupils in the Dutch city of Breda. And who could argue with it? Listening to kids can really help us all to look at the future in unexpected ways.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 15.20.16.png

Recently Teach the Future joined forces in the Netherlands with creative incubator PakhuisB and set-up an educational package for elementary school teachers. Within a timeframe of 6 weeks the teachers engaged their pupils actively in exploring their feelings and visions on the future. The goal was for pupils to experience the influence they have on the future and to become active in creating their preferred one. With various tools (such as card games, sketching & drawing and group workshops) the pupils were inspired and challenged to play with their perspectives on the future.

This class program elicited many interesting thoughts and feelings amongst youngsters. Such as: “When I think about the future I feel a little anxious because I don’t know what will happen and at the same time excited to try out new things in the future.” Or: “When I grow up I want to be an archaeologist. I can set goals in the present to strive for this dream and realise it in the future.”

Watch a ten-minute compilation (in Dutch) with many more quotes and reactions of kids about future related topics and get inspired!

“I feel that it would be better if people always have a spare job, in case they lose the one they have currently.”

In addition, Teach the Future & PakhuisB, in cooperation with the TrendRede team, also organised a ‘KinderTrendRede’ in Breda. This is an event where a panel of selected pupils of various Breda based schools present the future visions of all schools combined to the citizens and deputies of the municipality of Breda. This future pupil council shows what kind of future they would want to live in. Advice included topics like deregulation to decreasing loneliness amongst elderly people, a changing job market to climate awareness.


“I think the municipality should award people who are active in preserving nature. Handing out prices will stimulate more people in our city to help out nature.”

Read the full content of the pupils’ future visions over here. Watch the aftermovie of this event (in Dutch) below and the full video of the TrendRede (in Dutch) over here.



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// Text by Els Dragt