Our team

Peter Bishop

“We teach the future as well as the past in every school in the world.” Peter is the Founder and Executive Director of Teach the Future. He led the University of Houston’s Masters degree in Foresight for 30 years. Nowadays he is dedicated to bringing Futures Thinking to every classroom around the world.

Erica Bol

“Futures thinking creates sustainable futures.” Erica is a changemaker with a passion for sustainable innovation. She works with teachers to innovate the education system in The Netherlands. As she is the backbone of the global community and behind a lot of the new initiatives, reach out to her with ideas!

Els Dragt

“Let’s create the future together!”
Els is an independent trend researcher and on top of all our futures communication. Want to have your activity in the spotlight? Have a recommendation for our bookmarks list? Share them with Els!

Zina Burgers

“We need to prepare young student for the ever-changing world”. Give them a sense of agency and the tools to tackle complex ecological and societal challenges, by teaching the future. Zina works in The Netherlands with the goal of fundamentally changing the educational system. 

Otto Tähkäpää

“Schools and education should focus in building a sustainable future”. Otto is CEO and Co-Founder of Tulevaisuuskoulu (Futures School) and he believes that education is not only about learning but initiating transition to more sustainable ways of life both in individual and societal level. Otto is one of our Finland ambassadors. Contact Otto!

Laura Pouru

“Futures literacy is an essential navigation tool in the complex 21st century world”. She coordinates the futures education work done at Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku. FFRC trains teachers and student counsellors and provides futures education for students from high school to PhD-level. Laura is one of our Finland ambassadors.

Cristina Pozzi

‘Imagination is the first step to create new futures’. Cristina is a social entrepreneur spreading reflection on the Future and Ethics of Emerging Technologies. She is bringing Future Critical Thinking in education in Italy and abroad working as our ambassador under the name Impactscool

Andrea Dusi

‘The future is an open source.’ After a successful entrepreneurship journey, Andrea now dedicating his life to fight the climate crisis and bring the future in every school of the world. Want to bring the future into your school or university we can help. Andrea is one of our Italian ambassadors working under the name Impactscool. 

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos

“Futures thinking is an essential skill for addressing the challenges facing humanity, as well as our own personal challenges.” Epaminondas is the UNESCO chairholder on Futures Research and head of the Foresight unit in FORTH/PRAXI. Contact me for a futures thinking workshop or for setting up your Teach the Future activity in Greece and Cyprus.

Janine Nell

“The future of South Africa depends on the youth’s ability to make sense of the very complex world we live in.” But, they need tools and help in navigating an uncertain future. Janine is one of our South Africa ambassadors. She is currently working on completing her MPhil in Futures Studies, with a research report focusing on SA’s youth’s vision of the future.

Zanne Horrell

“Futures thinking is essential to the next generation’s toolkit.” By introducing futures thinking to young Africans, we hope to ignite a spark of purpose and agency in the hearts and minds of those who are indeed our future. Zanne is one of our South African ambassadors and currently working on her MPhil in Futures Studies. Passionate about youth development, ethics & social futures.

Alethia Montero Baena

“Embrace challenge!” Alethia is a Psychofuturartist, Personal Futures Adviser, Forward Theater Pioneer. She coordinates Teach the Future’s Mexican hub. Are you living in Mexico and want to join? Contact Alethia!

John Schmidt

“The best path to foresight success is to bring it to young people, in their primary and secondary school studies, to give them the tools to meet the challenges of a highly complex and uncertain future.” John Schmidt, CANSYNTH, is working with education policy, planning and curriculum leaders in the Australian Capital Territory to develop a TTF program. Contacts welcome.

Rosa Alegria

“How can schools prepare young people for the fourth industrial revolution if they only teach the past?” Rosa Alegria has been a futuristic Brazilian professional for 20 years. Recognized as one of the 3 most respected futurists in Latin America. General Director of Teach The Future in Brazil and CEO of The Millennium Project. Master in Future Studies from the University of Houston.

Wellington Porto

“Those who don’t think about the future create the present with tools from the past.” Wellington is a social entrepreneur and a specialist in innovation and digital business. Professor of innovation and digital entrepreneurship. Operations Director Teach The Future Brazill and CTO MADD Brazil.

Aileen Moeck

Aileen Moeck is our German Ambassador working with her team under the name Zukunkunftsbauer.

Lourdes Rodríguez

“Don’t just adapt to change, anticipate it.” Lourdes work as trend researcher and analyst, seeking signals of change to co-create better and more diverse futures. She is the network weaver of the Global Teach the Future community