Mexico organises videoconference training


Teaching the future can be done face-to-face, but also online. In Mexico there is an International Prospective Training Videoconference called  “Prospective as Future Generations Training”.


[left: the recording studio of the videoconference at FCPyS, UNAM, Mexico City]



The objective of this series of online videoconferences is to analyse how youngsters and teachers can use futures thinking and how to train them to create a future of peace and social transformation.

This online seminar is organised by Guillermina Baena Paz (Ph.D), Co-Director of Teach the Future’s Mexican hub, from the Faculty of Political and Social Science (FCPyS) at the National Autonomous University in Mexico City.

On June 14th there was a specific videoconference in this online training program dedicated to Teach the Future. This was initiated by Alethia Montero, Director of Teach the Future’s Mexican hub.

The objective of the Teach the Future round was to show how the various Teach the Future hubs approach the training of future generations.

A prior announcement was launched within the Teach the Future community to participate and five hubs raised their hand and got involved.


Each hub prepared a presentation which were recorded beforehand to avoid technological or scheduling issues. Each video talk focused on the following topics:

  • Since when you are a Teach the Future leader?
  • Why did you decided to be part of Teach the Future?
  • What have you done through Teach the Future for really teaching the future?
  • How does your education and formation in Future Studies has an impact on peace and/or social transformation?

You can watch the video presentations of each hub and their leaders by clicking on the links below:

This specific round of the online videoconference ended with a Q&A section with universities in Argentina and Colombia, the headquarters in Mexico and a few comments from Peter Bishop connected virtually from Sacramento California. The seminar organizer (Baena) closed the whole session dedicating it to the post-secondary students recently murdered in Mexico City.

Online videoconferences and seminars like this one from Mexico really helps in sharing experience and knowledge throughout our Teach the Future community. If you feel inspired and want to organise online sessions too, feel free to do so and let us know how we can help you out. You can reach us via

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