Creating connections in Poland


Teach the Future is always looking for opportunities to connect and exchange views with teachers and advocators. In May we were able to organise a meet-up in Poland.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Technologies of the Łukasiewicz Research Network and the Foresight European Network we could share the mission of Teach the Future during a conference on the future of engineering in Poland, near Warsaw.

During the 2-day conference on the future of engineering Teach the Future provided a keynote and a workshop. The keynote by founder Peter Bishop motivated the audience to think about if and why we should teach the future in the first place. Drawing from his extensive experience Peter was able to transfer his passion to the crowd.

The workshop, by Erica Bol and Els Dragt, provided more in-depth insight into how to teach the future. We transformed theories and concepts into playful exercises for youngsters. The workshop participants were able to experience the power of these exercises on the spot which created a fun vibe. The informal atmosphere also allowed for a lot of questions and exchange of experiences on how to teach the future to kids.

One of the exercises we did was about time orientation. Making this abstract notion about past, present and future more tangible for kids and youngsters we often play the game of stepping into a time machine. We make it physical by having participants stand up and move a step forward or back, depending on if they are going back or forth in time. Watch a short clip which shows part of this exercise below:


The conference is of course not just fun & play. The general insight of the 2-day conference was that the future of education (and work) should be a number one priority. After our keynote and workshop, we connected and exchanged with conference attendees, creating the following outcome for Teach the Future:

The next Teach the Future Meet Up will be held in September in Mexico-City. More information and sign up over here.

Hope to meet you all there!


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