Teach the Future is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing foresight and futures thinking to schools and students around the world. Founded in 2014, Teach the Future has grown into a worldwide community of educators and advocators dedicated to empower teachers and youngsters around the globe.

We are a global network with local hubs in 16 different countries and counting. Our hubs are managed by advocators who are kickstarting the Teach the Future movement in their regions. Want to join the nearest Teach the Future community? Click the link below and meet the team.

Become the entrepreneur of their own future

They will understand the contribution they can make in creating the future. This will make them aware that they change […]

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Futures Consciousness Test

The Finland Futures Research Centre developed a Futures Consciousness Test to measure the future consciousness of people. Teach the Future […]

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Futures Day 2019 – a sample of TTF’s activities

Futures Day was celebrated all around the world on March 1. Futures Day┬áis a worldwide theme day aimed at sparking […]

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Deal with the exponential speed of change

The world is in flux and transforming at high speed, driven by all kinds of forces such as technology, climate […]

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