Finland Futures Research Centre

Learning Futures – Futures of Learning Conference

10–12 June 2020

– Helsinki, Finland

As we move further into the 21st century, we need to renew our understanding of what it means to learn, teach, and develop new knowledge. Education systems and learning processes for people of all ages are needed to navigate uncertainty, address known problems, identify new ones, and be able to detect and make the sense of emergent issues and opportunities. The roles of education and learning are also becoming more essential in solving the pressing global ecological, cultural, societal and economic challenges. One pathway for renewal is the development of futures learning at all levels of education and in wider society.

The four distinguished keynotes are:

·         Sanna Järvelä is a Professor in the field of learning and educational technology and a head of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET), University of Oulu, Finland.

·         Roberto Poli is Full Professor teaching Philosophy, Applied Ethics and Futures Studies at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Trento, Italy.

·         Laura Pouru is leading the research, education and development activities of the UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education held at the University of Turku, Finland since 2016.

·         Markku Wilenius is Professor of Futures Studies in Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Finland. He also holds the position of UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education.

·         They hope to confirm the fifth keynote asap..

Futures Consciousness Test

The Finland Futures Research Centre developed a Futures Consciousness Test to measure the future consciousness of people. Teach the Future is using this test in their pilot projects already!

Sanna Ahvenharjua, Matti Minkkinena and Fanny Lalotb, the designers of the test, connected to the Finland Futures Research Centre at the Turku School of Economics, FI-20014, University of Turku, have written a great article about the dimensions they use. Below the abstract of the article.

Futures research studies and builds images of possible, probable and preferable futures and paths to such futures. Underlying this effort is human consciousness of futures that is present in everyday anticipatory behaviour and explicit foresight. Futures researchers often aim to increase this consciousness in order to enable decision-making towards more desirable futures. Despite the importance of the concept of Futures Consciousness, and the proliferation of related concepts, there is no commonly used definition or operationalization that would permit empirical research. This article presents a conceptual model of Futures Consciousness that is based on an integrated review and analysis of the descriptions of future consciousness and its related concepts in literature as well as in the theoretical underpinnings of futures research. The model contains five dimensions: 1) Time perspective, 2) Agency beliefs, 3) Openness to alternatives, 4) Systems perception and 5) Concern for others. The model provides the basis for further conceptual development and the operationalization of Futures Consciousness, which would enable its use in empirical research.

Futures Day, March 1st!

1 March 2019 – Join the Global Conversation about the Future on Futures Day, March 1st!

The future is constantly present in our everyday lives, guiding our actions and decisions – whether we are aware of it or not.

Young people of any age can learn to think critically and creatively about the future and develop the agency to influence it. The Teach the Future community is dedicated to bring futures thinking to schools, educators and students around the world.

Futures Day is a worldwide theme day aimed at sparking global, national and local conversations about the futures people around the globe desire and fear. Teach the Future supports Futures Day because it is a fun opportunity to create awareness about futures in schools. 

Futures Day aims to make possible futures more visible and strengthening individuals’ future awareness. Futures Day strives to 10,000 futures discussions on the 1st of March. 

Join the world’s largest conversation on futures on March 1, 2019. Start your own local initiative or join one in your neighborhood, country, region or a global one. 

Materials to stimulate conversations in your classroom can be downloaded in various languages over here. These materials are developed by the Finnish Team of Finland Futures Research Center, Tulevaisuuskoulu, Futures Specialist Helsinki and translated in various languages by the Teach the Future community members.

Worksheet Futures Table
Worksheet Horizon Scanning








Let us know about your initiative and use #futuresday so we can add it to the list and publish it via our site and social media channels. Mail us for questions, suggestions, your activity etc. on

Prepare students for tomorrow, teach the future today.

Thank you for collaborating on Futures Day! 


Supporters of Futures Day:

Humanity+, Millennium Project, Finland Futures Research Center, Tulevaisuuskoulu, Futures Specialists HelsinkiTeach the Future.


And of course we stimulate futures conversations everywhere. Are you a municipality or a company? Also like to join? A special Card set for you (in English) can be dowloaded here.

FUTURES DAY CARDS_Municipalities






Press release and invite for schools can be dowloaded here.